Alpinestars Tech 10 Black/White/Orange

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Alpinestars krossisaapad - Tech 10 Black/White/Orange

The Tech 10 has set the standard for Motocross boot performance and protection for well over a decade now, with an ongoing focus on product development and innovation that continues to raise the performance envelope higher and higher. Here at Alpinestars, we believe in perfection through innovation; while maintaining the iconic Tech 10 look, the latest iteration of the boot works tirelessly to offer a rider the ultimate in feel, comfort, and overall safety, lifting the ceiling of what a premium motocross boot should be higher than ever before.

The Tech 10’s ongoing development has been guided by three key priorities, as the Alpinestars technical footwear team looked to improve overall functionality, performance, and safety, decrease weight, and reduce material volume on the boot. Maximizing these priorities is the key achievement of the latest Tech 10 and the result is a far greater range of movement and flexibility, while offering better control over the flexion and torsion forces that significantly improve boot performance, giving the rider greater confidence and protection.

The comfort of a Tech 10 boot is legendary and a key feature in making the boot a go-to option for riders taking on all kinds of riding conditions, so maintaining comfort while upgrading boot performance was vital all throughout the development phase. The most significant upgrades to the current Tech 10 are a host of unique technologies: the Frontal Flexion Control Frame, the Asymmetrical Dual-pivot Arms, and the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protection Shock Absorber which is integrated into a redesigned foot shell which features a slimmer, more streamlined, outsole.

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